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EDAC LogoThe radio program is auspiced by member group, Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre Inc. and produced by Zel Ischel who works at the Centre as a Systemic Advocacy and Projects Officer.

The program panel operator is Sanja Vuksanovic.

Producer Zel is very pro-active and as well as being blind herself heads up a team of keen enthusiasts who bring their guests to the station every week to give advice and information in an effort to help those listeners who may have a disability themselves, or have someone they know or someone in their family with a disability.

You can read more about the Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre on their website or email

EthnicAbility explores issues affecting people with a disability from an ethnic background. Topics covered include:
– Individual and systemic advocacy

– The Disability First Stop Project

– Guardianship of people with disabilities

– Vicinity

– And much much more.

We will be speaking to people with a disability from an ethnic background, service providers, carers, parents of children with a disability, and we may even talk to you!


Zel - EthinicAbility

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