6eba proudly thanks all sponsors that have played a part in the continuation of this radio station that we feel plays an important part in the progressive unity of our community. Multicultural radio provides the ethnic community with a chance to feel less alone in our country as well as receive any and all community information relevant to them. Without our sponsors, this radio station would not exist for our loyal listeners. If you would like to sponsor 6eba, please get in contact using either the contact form or details  here.

LotteryWest Big Logo

LotteryWest provides Western Australian with millions of prizes to game winners. Each LotteryWest game played helps to support thousands of grants for not-for-profit organisations, local government authorities and many more. Due to LotteryWest’s huge place in the community, 6eba is very grateful to have them as a sponsor.

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Bendigo Bank is one of Australia’s leading banks, beginning more than 150 years ago. With more than 6,500 employees serving about 1.5 million customers over 500 communities Australia-wide, Bendigo Bank still has time and resources for its community shown by its sponsorship for 6eba.


Community Broadcasting Association of Australia was formed by a small group of radio makers in Sydney in 1974. Due to community broadcasting’s importance in Australian media, services like CBAA and previously mentioned businesses take initiative by providing a voice for communities that aren’t necessarily able to do so themselves.

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The Community Broadcasting Foundation Ltd is an important sponsor to 6eba due to its relevance. CBF Ltd actively seeks, secures, distributes and administers funding to support the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia.

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Leba are another important sponsor for 6eba as they are Australian multicultural media specialists with over forty years of experience in the industry. Leba surrounds their worth ethic on empowering immigrants by providing them with all the essential information they may need. This includes radio stations like ours!

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