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The Sikh Association of Western Australia’s (SAWA) Sikh Sangeet radio program is broadcasted live on 6EBA 95.3FM from 7am to 8am every Thursday morning. The show is presented in Punjabi with an aim to target the local Indian community. Discussing and analysing the latest issues, while also bearing a religious facet, the show is fundamentally an avenue for listeners’ entertainment. Intermingled with anecdotes, upcoming events, prominent local celebrations, interviews, new music and a touch of seriousness, the Sikh Sangeet program tries to satisfy the Perth Indian community’s greater interest.

Primarily through the years of hard work and commitment of lone announcer Amrit Pal Singh, the radio show has gained an overwhelming amount of local support since its conception. The Sikh Sangeet radio program now hosts an active team of five members, with an aim to expand in the near future. The team comprises of the three regular hosts namely Amrit Pal Singh, Gurdeep Kaur and Jaskirat Singh. Giani Balbir Singh accommodates the religious aspect of the show, broadcasting live from the Canning Vale Sikh Temple every week and providing the listeners his wisdom, religious translations and any notable upcoming occasion. The team is rounded off by the show’s newest trained member in Santbir Kaur.

The program’s prevalent driving factor in the future is to promote the Punjabi language across Perth, as this is the only local Punjabi show.

Team members:

Amrit Pal Singh
The lone head of the Sikh Sangeet program from its conception, Amrit Pal has over 12 years of radio experience, previously presenting on the Indian Society’s Sangam program. He is able to fluently converse in Punjabi, Hindi and Engilsh and has generated a large influx of interest through sponsorship and volunteer support for the Sikh Sangeet program, classing the show as a household name amongst the Perth Indian community. Moreover, he has actively organised interviews and special features with celebrities and other big names from across the world touring Australia, in an aim to gather an audience of all ages and interests. His hard work is transforming the show into the chief source of information for a large part of the Indian community in Perth.

Jaskirat Singh
Starting as an assistant radio announcer, Jaskirat Singh is now the right hand man to Amrit Pal Singh. Jaskirat Singh has had several years of Radio Announcing and M.C. experience, working at Groove 101.7FM and DJ’ing and MC’ing at some of the biggest Indian events throughout Australia. He is now the technical hand (for interviews, panel operation and advertisement editing) and second in-charge of the Sikh Sangeet program.

Gurdeep Kaur
Gurdeep Kaur is the mother of Jaskirat Singh. She was introduced as a fill-in, but since her appearance on the show, the show has taken a strong turn towards the positive. Gurdeep Kaur brings an abundance of fascinating and helpful information with an underlying friendly vibe which has attracted a large number of listeners. Gurdeep Kaur combines her strong knowledge of philosophy and years of teaching to advocate a show which not only aims to entertain the listener, but also educate them and make the program a lot more interactive. Her proactive approach, research, hard work and her willingness to go out of her way has made her the perfect compliment for Amrit Pal and Jaskirat Singh.

Santbir Kaur
The second female and newest member of the Sikh Sangeet team, Santbir Kaur was introduced to the show by Gurdeep Kaur. Santbir occupied a temporary position as a radio announcer on the program but since her introduction she has keenly participated in its improvement. Santbir also has a strong philosophy background and has now undertaken panel operation training allowing her to take over the reigns whenever necessary. Her upbeat attitude will only strengthen the position of the Sikh Sangeet radio program for the future.

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