6eba is fundamentally responsible for the quality assurance of its programmes and their delivery. In order to achieve quality assurance, it has designed training programmes for the following:

  • Presenter Training
  • Console Operation Training for New Presenters
  • Refresher Training for Console Operators

Presenter Training

All presenters of 6EBA are required to complete a theory assessment to be able to go on-air. Successful completion of this induction theory test will result in them being issues a Presenter station ID badge.

To be a presenter, you may contact the Administration Officer (Paula Tsakisiris, Email: for further details.

Console Operation Training for New Presenters

You must be a qualified presenter who must have completed at least six sessions of on-air presentation before you can request for console operation training. Qualified presenters aspiring to be Console Operators must undergo the following training modules:

  • Module 1: A self-study module on the Theoretical Understanding to Radio Broadcasting and Programming (includes written test);
  • Module 2: Practical Training Sessions (includes practical tests): and
  • Module 3: ‘On-Air’ Live Training

Qualified and experienced Presenters may register for training by emailing Administration Officer at:

Refresher Training for Console Operators

Radio broadcasting is changing rapidly with advanced technological developments in the sector. Digital broadcasting, for example, may soon become a norm rather than an exceptional experience. To be able to come to grips with these rapid transformations we as console operators may need to strengthen or perhaps refresh our basic skills in console operation. It is in this context that you are strongly encouraged to attend at least one refresher training session in 2016 to bring yourself up to speed or at least share your hands-on skills with other fellow console operators. The MRTA Management Council strongly endorses the principle that every console operator should maximise this opportunity for their own benefit, and for being part of a collective effort in maintaining the quality, standards and reputation of the station. So, welcome to ‘back to the basics’!

The refresher training session focuses on two key aspects:

1. Simple and basic hands-on skills in live broadcasting
General Console operation:
a) What are the key functions of a console? What do you need to pay particular attention with a view to keeping your job on the console simple?
b) How to change over?
c) Techniques in applying phone functions via the console Techniques on Jazler:
d) What are the basic functions of a Jazer and its usefulness?
e) How to use the instant jingles palette on Jazler?
f) Techniques in using the playlist on Jazer
Other techniques:
g) How do I use the NetAudio? What is good practice?
h) How to operate the CD and cue a music track?
i) How do I mix music?
j) How do I prevent ‘dead-air’?

2. Simple and basic hands-on skills in recording and production via Audition
a) How to record using audition?
b) What are the editing techniques?
c) What are the special effects to enhance your recording track?

Console operators may register for a refresher training session by emailing the Station Manager at: You are welcome to form your own group of three (preferably chosen from across broadcasting groups) and advise the Station Manager accordingly.

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