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The young voice on air is a radio show for the family, produced by Kids. The targeted kids are 16years and below.  The kids are trained to speak well and to present the news and weather forecast. They pick up songs of their choice and not only present them on air but also discuss about the, song, album or the artist.  Every week the kids are given a topic to prepare for. Sometimes they record outside interviews and bring the material to the station for broadcast.

Currently we have over 10 kids that alternate every week to present the program. We have kids from different cultural backgrounds, some from Zimbabwe, Malaysia, UK and Australia.  That brings a diversity of family background to the program and also an interesting feel of music.


Target Achievement

  • To give the Kids a voice. Some topics we discuss , opens  up what the kids really feel or think about different aspects of the everyday life.
  • Motivation and self-esteem boost for the kids.
  • to keep the radio Culture alive.
  • Cultivating the future of Radio.
  • Creating a Radio program that is family orientated.  The family can sit down together to enjoy the show.

Where we are going

The program started with just 3 Kids in the first month.   The interviews and community engagement has resulted in other kids taking an interest in the program and eventually joining in to become part of the presenters. We would like to take the program to schools, hospitals kids wards and after school care. We believe this program can make a difference to a lot of kids out there.

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